Saturno necklace on display at Palazzo Reale in Milan for the exhibition “Fashion Jewellery ” curated by Alba Cappellieri

The exhibition “Fashion Jewellery” will open tonight and it is promoted and produced by City of Milan-Culture, Royal Palace and Homi, Living of Lifestyles of Fiera Milano, and curated by Alba Cappellieri, professor of Jewellery and Accessory Design at Politecnico in Milan.

A journey through aesthetic mirror of society: to perform it, 500 jewels, from postwar period to nowadays, that define the evolution of the costumes, the conquests and women’s ambitions, the style and technological advancement. Scenery of this journey are Tapestries’ Halls of Palazzo Reale in Milan, from November 8th to 20th.

Among the protagonists of this path there is Saturn necklace designed by Federico Angi for .bijouets and realized with 3D printing technology.

The relationship between Jewel and Fashion, considered in its intersections with the costume, the manufacture and Italian beauty is explored in pieces from designers, stylists and bijoux makers divided into three sections: “Jewels FOR Fashion”, dedicated to the main Italian bijoux manufacturers; “Jewels OF Fashion”, dedicated to designers and independent brands, with a focus on the creative processes; “Jewels WITH Fashion”, dedicated to the main designers and to the capability of jewel to interact with fashion.

Three different ways of treating the jewel from the point of view of fashion with inspirations and multidisciplinary influences that define the contribution of Italian bijoux in her relationship with fashion. From past to present, the jewels are inextricably linked to fashion as they recount the evolution of taste and the turns of feminine elegance but also the technological innovations of new materials and new technologies, the art of glass manufacturing, metals and ceramics . This is the first exhibition that deals the jewel from the fashion point of view, with a focus on the contemporary.

“We don’t speak of Bijoux but therefore about Jewelry for Fashion – the organizers say – because the preciousness is not only the material but also the intangible one of creativity, innovation and beauty.” As evidenced by the 500 pieces on display, created by the most famous masters bijoux makers, by young design talent, from international fashion house and small craftsmen. In the background, there are the big names, historical landmarks of a style that changes and complete in every age with the most exclusive accessories.