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Maria Diana

Maria Diana, architect and designer of contemporary jewelery, uses porcelain, grès and ceramics for her creations, enriching them with precious materials such as gold and platinum.

She starts her artistic career by attending the contemporary artist Maria Lai studio and she acquired from her especially the artistic sensibility. In this period she learned the techniques of manufacturing of ceramic and design as well as the study of composition and the balance between the volumes and shapes. The architectural studies have completed the training period ended with a degree at Polytechnic University of Turin. Since 2000 she starts the artistic research in contemporary jewelry by applying the techniques acquired in the production of unique pieces also using the high temperature materials.

The main material used by Maria Diana for her creations is the porcelain colored with oxide  such as cobalt, iron, manganese or natural white. The porcelain is manipulated handmade with different shapes and textures, then it is fired at high temperature in special kilns.

The peculiarity of Maria Diana creations is the organic or geometric textures and the combination with other materials (bronze, silver, leather, rubber) and with other technologies (lost wax technique, laser cut technology, 3D printing).

The jewels of Maria Diana aim to innovate without neglecting the style. In the desire to explore new expressive boundaries, the designer reinterpreted classic jewelery in a modern way and through the use of unconventional.

Each collection’s piece is unique and combines style, research, sinking roots into traditional techniques. Her jewellery has been exhibited in museums and international stores such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Pedreira Barcelona, Mitsukoshi in Tokyo and Mad Museum in New York.

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